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EcoWorld Logo
BlueHill Logo
ColorLabs Logo
Infinity Logo
Chaos Logo
BlueMovement Logo
BlueSpiral Logo
Circle Logo
Loop Logo
All Stars Logo
BlueFish Logo
GreenPower Logo
BlueDiamond Logo
BluePropeler Logo
Coffee Logo
Butterfly Logo
ChaosFlower Logo
Cloud Logo
ColorCircle Logo
ColorFlower Logo
EcoFriends Logo
Peak Logo
Diamonts Logo
Corporate Logo
DrivingForce Logo
GreenBasket Logo
Extreme Logo
GreenBasket Logo
EcoFlower Logo
Heart Logo
IdeaLab Logo
Leafs Logo
Life Logo
MapIcons Logo
Mountain Logo
Movement Logo
Music Logo
Complex Logo
Panoramic Logo
PixelOk Logo
PixelTriangle Logo
Plus Logo
RocketStratups Logo
Shapes Logo
Simple Logo
Social Logo
Square Logo
TheEnergySun Logo
TheWave Logo
TimeDrop Logo
Triangolar Logo

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Creative & Affordable Logos

Custom logo land contains 51 logos templates to be used in your startups, apps, logos for your web design or any other new project. We will be constantly adding new logos and all updates will be free.

The philosophy of this project is simplicity and minimalism.
All the logos consist of simple shapes and can work for almost any project. All logos are very easy to customize.

Some cases when you can use this template

- You making a startup and you need a logo just to present your project to potential investors.

- You are WordPress, Drupal or any other Template developer and you need Logos for your demo templates.

- You are making some open source library and you need something quick and inexpensive.

- You just like some of the Logos and you think that one of the Logos is right for you.

All logos come with the source files in Illustrator .AI and .EPS vector format and also .PNG raster format is included.


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All additional updates will be free.

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You can use this logos template limitless times for your projects.
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